Owner Portal

As a Property Manager, we take the worry out of managing your rental. We work directly with the applicants and tenants in regards to renting and showing your property when it is vacant. We qualify the applicants with a set criteria and credit checking process. Once we have an applicant, we will set a rental agreement or lease that abides by Fair Housing and State Laws.

Our managers and staff receive constant training and education in regards to new laws and regulations as they come out. We are members of various housing and rental organizations. We endeavor to keep current with the laws so you do not have to worry about the intricacies of renting.

Some other things to consider while renting your property.

Rent for your property is measured in what comparable rents are in the particular area of your rental. Rent is not set by totaling your mortgage payment, taxes, and other expenses! It would be great to rent your property at this rate, but, realistically there is no correlation between what a property costs an owner and what it will generate in rent. Such as selling your house, rent is also considered by neightborhood comparisons for market value. The difference of market value versus a higher value takes longer to recover that cost of the empty rental that is not rented for several months while holding out for a higher rent.

It may be difficult for an owner to make the transition from living in their property as a personal residence to perceiving it as a rental property. To be successful, the owner must look at it as a resource from which he will generate income and from which he may sustain some losses. It is also important to remember that unless the property is maintained, it will incur additional costs to repair more damages later.

There will always be some wear and tear and other damages, just as there is wear and tear in your own home. We work extremely hard to assure that the properties are being maintained in the condition that will generate the most income for your property. If it is damaged by the tenant, we work to collect the damages through security deposits or collection processes..

  • Qualifying Prospective Tenants
  • Verifying Applicant references
  • Prepare Rental Agreements / Leases
  • Performing a Move-In walk thru
  • Providing a Move-In package
Promoting Your Rental
  • Web Page Rental Listings [more...]
  • Use of Free Internet Listing Services
  • Signage (For Rent Sign) at Property
  • Dedicated Rental Phone Number
  • Voicemail with Rental Information
  • On Demand & Scheduled Appointments
  • Open Houses and Showings
  • Referrals from Other Properties
  • Newspaper (at additional costs)
Move Outs
  • Provide move-out walk through
  • Scheduling turnover preparations
  • Prepare Accounting of deposit
  • Cut return deposit checks
  • Coordinate Repairs and Upgrades
  • Coordinate Eviction Process with Legal