We do different types of property surveys or safety audits for your properties on a regular basis based on the following:

Scheduled Survey: On a regular basis. we do a walk through survey starting with the smoke detector inspection as a safety audit. With the walk through we also do an interior and exterior visual inspection and check for damage or other problems that may need to be resolved to protect the tenants and property. At this time we ask the tenant if they are experiencing any problems.

Work Requests: If a problem arises and a repair or maintenance is requested, we may visit the property to investigate the issue prior to sending a vendor. We may also check the work done after the vendor has completed the work requested. This ensures a quality job was done, and to conform there are not other problems that may have been overlooked.

Drive By: We may drive by properties on a routine basis to confirm landscaping is being taken care of and trash is not accumulating, and the appearance the property is being taken care of.

Turn Overs: The property or unit is inspected when the tenant moves out and is prepared for a rentable condition prior to the move in of the next tenant and viewings for applicants. This is often the best time to do major improvements or repairs.

Initial Sign Up: We will do a complete survey when we start a new management contract. This is to confirm the condition of the property and to check into any problems that may arise that may affect habitability and safety of the property.

Inspections and surveys will be submited to the owner in writing as to the condition of the property and recomendations for the repairs or improvements. Multiple quotes and bids will be requested for higher dollar amount repairs.